Installation view KEEPER exhibition at Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane, 2018.
Installation KEEPER exhibition The Hugh Lane, 2018. Northern Ireland's Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. View from gallery containing John Hume's portrait. Left - Lord David Trimble. Right - Mairead Corrigan Maguire. Photographer Ros Kavanagh.

Amanda Dunsmore employs art processes that explore representations of societal transformation through portraiture. She works with video, sound, photography and installation. Through sculptural methodologies and media, the mechanisms behind her practice have developed over the past twenty-five years. This results in contextual portraits involving longitudinal research processes. Her artwork is often presented as a series of extensive socio-political / historical art projects. Central to Dunsmore's art practice is an exploration of potential future memory, the legacy of visual parity in portraiture and the long-term implications of socio-political art making.